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Prefab Beton Magnet

Product Name:Prefab Beton Magnet

Product Model:EHSM-

Product Description:
This kind of magnetic system used to be customized according to shutter size of steel platform in precast concrete plants. Owing to special structure designs, this holding magnet can keep long-time high adhesive force performance from distorted deformation. It will be greased for rust protection before packing and delivery.

Prefab Beton Magnet Special Features:

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Compared to Europen magnet, the gap of magnet and steel part will be sealed up with black epoxy material completely. After that, we still need to smooth the working surface with Machine tools. This process will increase the magnet adhesive force largely. In this way, when the shutter equipment start to work, the magnet can hold the platform tightly under strong vibration.

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