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Medium Sized Plasma Cleaner Equipment Special For Cable Code Printing

Product Name:Medium Sized Plasma Cleaner Equipment Special For Cable Code Printing

Product Model:PT-5

Product Description:
Medium sized plasma surface treatment cleaner equipment special for wire & cable printing
In recent years, along with the market demand for special cables,the new insulation material such as cross-linked polyethylene and fluoroplastic have been widely used. But these new material surface is very smooth which cause the printing fonts on wire and cable to wipe off. In order to solve this trouble, some cable producers try to increase the ink adhesion force to solve this problem, but high adhesive ink not only failed to resistance to wipe, but also cause high failure rate of ink-jet printer and high cost.

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Our company developed this plasma surface treatment equipment special for fluoroplastic and cross-linked polyethylene surface treatment, it makes their surface become rough so as to increase material surface adhesion force, completely solve the problem of ink to wipe off. Item Parameter high speed treatment middle speed treatment Treat width 0-10mm 15-40mm Teat speed 0-110m/min 0-50m/min Treat distance 3-6mm 3-6mm Weight 80kg 50kg Outline size 1320*300*1095mm 800*300*1095

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